The Charlotte’s Guide of Wedding Dress Styles

Getting engaged has to be up there with one of the most exciting moments you will ever experience. Whether it be an elaborate over the top romantic gesture, or a low key, intimate snuggly one. Mine was neither glamorous or cuddly, instead I was mid contraction on the way to the hospital, when I found the car being pulled to the side of the road by the man I love, (although this was put into question when he paused our frantic dash to hospital to start rummaging around it the boot), and was proposed to right there, on Bromley’s finest cold grey pavement. Not how I had envisioned my proposal, but I was over the moon nonetheless!

Once you have stopped staring at your hand, which let’s face it doesn’t get old for at least 6 months, attentions normally quickly turns to THE dress. For some, the idea fills them with absolute crippling dread and for others, the childhood dreams of twirling around while your nearest and dearest ‘oooo’ and ‘arrrr’ at you commences. Wherever you fit on the bridal scale, you are not alone, and we have put together a brief guide of the different wedding dress styles and shapes you will find to aid you in your research.

The ‘A’ Line Wedding Dress

This style is a great all rounder. It tends to be one of the most flattering silhouettes and although the top may change in style and design, this staple will probably always be a popular choice. In the last few years we have seen an increase of lace jackets, illusion details, sleeve tops and even separates that mimic the A line shape being used to give this widely chosen shape a modern day feel. This dress looks great on most body types, so really just comes down to personal taste. Those with greater curves often prefer this shape with an illusion neck line, pretty straps or a fuller sleeve.

Fishtail or Trumpet Wedding Dresses

What’s the difference? There isn’t much and the line is very blurry. A fishtail is seen to have a tighter body and a sharper flare out, where as a trumpet is a more gradual flare. But this is one style that has to be tried on to get a real feel for if you like it or not. Lots think this style only suits the very slim, but I have seen some STUNNING curves rock a fishtail, so don’t shy away! If you have all the curves in the right places you shouldn’t rule this one out, they look very womanly and can create a real ‘wow’ moment. You don’t see many of these with sleeves, they are mainly strapless, round necked with ‘racer’ style backs or wide straps. My advice with these, try at least one. If it’s a no, it’s a no.



Fit & Flare Wedding Dresses

The fit and flare is a good in between-er. It has more shape than the A-line, but is less snug than a fishtail dress. A very classic style with a gorgeous silhouette. Very popular in lace, but equally as beautiful in chiffon or tulle. The more snug fit through the middle is very flattering and those who think they will lean towards an A-line dress are often surprised by how much they like this fit. Make sure you try different belts with this style as they can make all the difference and really add personality to a dress.

Sheath or Straight Wedding Dresses

These are very narrow dress styles. Often designed with beautiful trains for added effect. Recently there is also a surge in the detachable cape-skirt which is very dramatic and completely gorgeous. Better suited to the slender and sporty body frames due to the dresses straight lines. These are normally designed to be strapless, or in full contrast with a full sleeve.

Ballgown Wedding Dresses

If you’re wanting a complete show stopper, this is the grand finale with fireworks! Basically, the big one! Think tiny waste and huge skirt. With a slightly smaller skirt, this is currently seen a lot in magazines as a choice in separates, if you have the abs for it! The waste is nearly almost made feature of, with a belt, bow or sparkle detail. This can only really be accessorised in the same fashion, the bigger the better! fluffy veils and tiaras. If you want your princess Cinderella moment, this has to be the way to go.

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