£10 Treat or Trash

The WingLiner Stamp is a double ended eyeliner which has a stamp in the shape of a wing on one side and a normal eyeliner on the other. Not only is it cruelty free and vegan it is ONLY £7. It comes with two pens so that the wing stamp is correct on each side of the eye, who can say no! When I tested the stamp side, I loved that it was a bold black not the sheer and grey looking black that some of the eyeliners you get can be. I did find it difficult to get the stamp in the correct position on my eye, however, once I had positioned it correctly it left a great wing shape which I filled the rest in with the pen. If you get a different outcome on one eye to the other I found that using a cotton bud and a little make up remover you were able to fix it. Overall, I think the eyeline works. Personally, I would not reach for it as I prefer to have more control over the placement of the wing but for someone that is just starting to use eyeliner or is struggling this product would be great.

I am rating the WingLiner Stamp as a definite treat! Especially for people that find it difficult doing a wing in general. I found that I did the right eye perfectly but with the left I did the wing slightly at a different angle, although I was able to correct this with felt tip liner, I think that with more practice it would be easier to get both wings the same.  The pen and stamp has a good pigment to it and doesn’t seem to budge. I think for the price point it is an extremely useful tool to have for people that would like to achieve a more dramatic wing eyeliner effect but are not able to do to it free hand.

WE say it’s a treat!

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Written by Cat Pink

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