Bridal Vibes for 2018

So…..’Man’s not hot’, (seriously, a true low moment in music), but what IS hot for 2018 when it comes to weddings?

Well, firstly the wedding dress. Some say it’s all about the dress, others think far too much money and attention gets put upon it. But, whatever your opinion, the aim is to try and enjoy the experience of finding it. If that means shopping on your own, then you should shop on your own. If you want to bring the man to be, then take him! I don’t think I have ever met a bride or groom who haven’t had a struggle, of some proportion, with the pressure of pleasing others when it comes to the day which is supposed to be centred around just two people. Trends you will see in 2018 are sleeves, capes, whimsical florals with sheer panels and sparkle not going anywhere. Hopefully not all together mind.   3D details especially in floral details with modern twists on classic styles. Brides are getting braver, hurrah! This makes for a huge amount of fun when trying on dresses, and if I can give one small suggestion, try on at least one that you don’t think you would go for. Even if you want to take it off straight away, it’s your moment. Stretch it out and explore all possibilities.


The options for your wedding venue seems to have exploded! From private homes, to farms, to swanky restaurants. Perhaps the biggest decision you can make and one that sets the feeling for you day. It is also a part of the planning that the groom can get involved with genuine enthusiasm. (Ladies, don’t be disheartened if his interest then gets ‘diluted’, perfectly normal and don’t worry, you’ve got this). With Scandi style design seeming to have taken over the world, weddings are no different. Minimalist Scandi vibes are all around us. Perspex, glass and semi-transparent paper will make a big impact so for all the DIY brides out there, you might want to stock up now. Table plans and name place-cards in particular are a HUGE area of interest for the bride who wants to put personal touches into the decorations. Stone, wood and other natural materials are also a popular choice.


Other trends you will see are the gloriously beautiful ultra violet purple. Pantone, (the guys who take colour REALLY seriously), have named it THE colour 2018 calling it ‘provocative’ and ‘thoughtful’. (Can you be provocative and thoughtful at the same time?! Perhaps one to try on a Saturday night ha!) But yes, if you want to be on trend, or would rather avoid it, it’s shades of purple.

And lastly, pearls. Glorious pearls. This is my favourite trend for 2018. I think they are simply beautiful and look especially special when used in unlikely places. Think hair pieces, with you flowers, on your dress, invites, or on the tables. If you didn’t win the lottery, they don’t even have to be real, nobody will know. I am still waiting for a set (Hubby, hint hint). They are a fabulous alternative to sparkle and will remain timeless and classic and can be incorporated into any wedding no matter how modest or grand.

For any bride planning for 2018, I wish you the best fun putting it together. Please try to enjoy it and if you’re not, sit back, grab a glass and re-access.  You will only get to live this once. Make it about you and that man that drives you nuts.


Love Charlotte x



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Charlotte Ware

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