Honeymoon time… the world is your oyster!

Weddings are such an exciting and emotional time for everyone but they definitely do come with some worries and stresses… whether you are worrying there is just not enough time to get everything done or worrying about the table plan or is the dress you’ve chosen the right one (I guarantee it definitely is, you may feel this way as you haven’t seen the dress for a long time), you have to remember it is your day and everybody should fit into it. What happens when it’s all over? Forget about the wedding blues…decide between you and your new husband/wife that you will continue the celebrations as one day is just not enough! This can mean it is honeymoon time wherever that may be. Planning your honeymoon should be one of the most enjoyable times during the lead up to the wedding. It is time to begin the next adventure with a bang and enjoy each other and spend some quality time together.

The big question is…where do you go? With a whole world of incredible places to choose from, we have picked out a few that might rock your boat!
It will all depend on what type of honeymoon you would both enjoy:

1. The adventure seeker
Ticking off those places on your bucket list, your honeymoon is a great way of treating yourself to a jaw dropping adventure and what is the best part about it… you’ll be doing it with your new husband/wife. Start married life off with a bang and continue creating memories. We recommend going on Safari capturing all those wild animals, training to climb Mount Everest or Kilamanjaro or going on a road trip down the West Coast of America in an open top car!

2. The festival goer
So you both love a festival, then make your honeymoon about what you both love to do and take your love of festivals world wide. Depending on the time of your honeymoon we have found a number of great festivals around the world that we think would be a great honeymoon location!
Lunar New Year, Vietnam
Holi, India/Nepal
Verbier Festival, Switzerland
Day of the Dead, Mexico
Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany

3. The city breakers
Are you the type of couple that love to explore a new city, well why not poodle around all day stopping at quirky markets, explore the maze of back street shops and the fantastic landmarks then sit out until late drinking delicious cocktails and watching the world go by. We recommend the buzzy New York city, the cities of love Paris or Rome or the quaint city of Bruge.

4. Relaxation central
Wedding planning, dancing all night, speeches, photographs…the list is endless and tiring! Why not take yourselves off to paradise where there is clear blue waters and white sandy beaches where you can switch off, have romantic dinners on the beach and you don’t have to wear shoes. Now you’re talking. We recommend the beautiful Maldives, Bora Bora or Barbados.

5. Don’t forget the mini moon
If you’re not planning on going on a honeymoon straight after the wedding, a minimoon might be for you. After all the planning and dancing the night away at your wedding you will realise that you just need to sit down, breathe and reflect on the most magical day of your lives. A minimoon is just what this does, it is time away with your new husband/wife to enjoy relax and reflect. We recommend a trip to Paris, Bath or the New Forest.

Wherever you go, create memories and have a lovely time!

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Charlotte Ware

Written by Charlotte Ware

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