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We get a lot of brides asking us advice about their lashes. With thousands of Instagram perfect peepers, the demand for looking your utmost is on, and for most brides’ eyes are the main feature. So, I thought I would try out the LVL treatment as the amazingly friendly team at Little Beauty Box (Letchworth Drive, Bromley) offered it to me….and it would be rude to turn down an offer right?!

Well firstly, this is not the most relaxing treatment. However, the bed was heated and the duvet was fluffed so the room environment for a small salon, was definitely a huge plus. Being one with 2 young kids, any lay down is a treat, so this was Christmas in a box for me!

Because it is not the most relaxing procedure, the professionalism of the staff, and feeling as though they knew what they were doing was also scoring major points with me. There are chemicals used and very close to your eye, so definitely go for a recommended salon by someone you trust. You have to lay still for around 45minutes whilst various lotions are gently applied to your lashes. The pads feel a little tight, and you do start to question if you can remember how to keep your eyes closed, BUT I do love the result and it definitely makes up for it.

I don’t have to wear mascara, and fresh out of the shower (although not for 24 hours), my lashes look great! For the brides, your lashes would look amazing and with little to no product needed, so for the emotional criers our there… one likes a black teary mess! Next time I would many add in a few little extras, like an arm massage or scalp massage as this would be a great little relaxing distraction whilst the potions are doing their thang.

If you are close to Bromley, Little Beauty Box are fab! Plus it has free parking and is next to a beauty wholesaler, great for a nosey……WIN. LVL costs £45 and you can book by calling 0208 460 6671

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Charlotte Ware

Written by Charlotte Ware

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