The Start of It All.

So, this has happened.

I still can’t quite believe it. Every plan, decision and outcome is mine to claim, for better, for worse. I am hoping there will be less of the worse.

I get lots of people asking me if this is a daunting prospect and almost congratulating me in a ‘you’re brave and bonkers’ kind of way. I don’t know why, but the fear of failing just doesn’t seem to worry me as much as the daunting prospect of having to find another mould to fit, that produces me with an income. I literally have no idea what I would be doing if I wasn’t doing this. And I searched, boy did I search. But trying to find something creative, with two children in the background, with a strange enjoyment in challenging myself, without a humongous list of all these fabulous prestigious ex-work places resulted in a very uninspiring list.


But I think this is a new feeling since having children. I have definitely learnt to value and respect my time. Working for the money, is for most, the whole point. If you don’t have the means to enjoy your time off, then everyone ends up miserable. But since all my ‘downtime’ got engulfed in children, my work time is a precious escape, which up until now has been greatly overlooked. Therefor, two children in, I didn’t want to settle with a job I did not either enjoy or want to run towards everyday. 


So now, in complete shock to even myself, I have managed to take things this far and I’ve now officially leapt wholeheartedly into the small business owner category. Much like that little 30+ box I never saw coming, I have actually enjoyed it more than I ever thought I would and I would highly recommend it. Although it is definitely not for the faint-hearted or easily offended! Be brave or forever wonder.

One of the services I offer in my little unique corner of Hayes High Street, (which actually isn’t the High Street, who knew?!) are training courses for others who would like to build on their skills in the hair and make-up industry. I cannot preach enough that competition should only be seen as a driving force and a welcome challenge. This is why not only do I offer the services but want to encourage others to have a go! If not for work, for yourself. Being female has never been so inspiring and if you want to feel better, present better, regain some humanity after children, (trust me, I’ve been there and despite how you feel, PJ’s in the day is not cool, don’t do it, but that can be my next post), then take a look at courses, and all the other lovely bits that are on offer. We even have a shower for when washing and getting ready at home is just too much to handle, or if you’re on the run after work and want to look killer in-case that guy you really DON’T want to see, but kinda hope you do see is out. Not talking from experience there at all, not at all!



Wow, this is like therapy! ha.

Much Love, Charlotte x


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Photography by the super lovely Kerri Butler

Charlotte Ware

Written by Charlotte Ware

I love my work and feel hugely privileged to get to experience so many lovely moments with my clients. After working in various roles within the beauty, banking and teaching sectors, the mix of skills has allowed me to pursue a dream of mine...Charlotte Ware Designs. Let's see how it goes!

Out of work I have two little munchkins to keep me busy and sneak in opportunities for Prosecco whenever possible.

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