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Firstly, I know I look tired.

At this point I am working on a back log of 5 years, averaging about 5 hours of sleep a night. Some of those very, very broken hours. I believe this is also not helping my second chin, which says hi by the way.

However, lipstick helps! It takes the attention away from your eyes and is much easier than trying to create a perfectly polished smokey eye in 2 minutes. (Which I wouldn’t advise if you want to look anything other than bruised.) The brighter the better in my opinion, go on be bold! When purchasing one in the shops, go for your colour and as you spread those slightly unloved, paler than usual winter fingers to grab the deliciously packaged ray of sunshine, be brave, go for the next shade up! This is the kind of excitement I live for at the moment, rockin’ right! But, it is amazing how much more ‘complete’ I feel with a colour on that states, ‘come on world, I’m ready for you, bring on the crazy’.

My very short video, is not meant as a tutorial, but more as a real life snap shot. I may work in hair and make-up, but the reality of day to day life means I am not sadly as much of a walking advert as I would like to be. (I am paying for the gym membership, like millions of others, yet it STILL hasn’t happened on it’s own, go figure. There’s always New Years resolutions ha!) I am just like the mass of other tired, puffy eyed, grey toned, caffeine pumped ladies out there that need to make the most of what you’ve got at XXam in the morning. I must admit, in the name of being professional I am using brushes. Not fingers ladies, but super pretty brushes, (by Lily England), which is only because I am lucky enough to have my beautiful surroundings. It’s a bit like an office worker abusing the paper for personal use, (that could possibly be the lamest comparison ever, but yes tired, you get it). All these products are from the Arbonne range, which is not available in shops, but you can try some buy shopping through my webpage. It’s vegan friendly, no testing on animals, botanically based, and honestly this red lasts amazingly well.

So watch, sympathise, laugh at me, but do try to be a little bolder with your lip! Give off the impression you’ve got your shizzle together, when really none of us do, but nobody knows mwahhaha!


Love Charlotte x

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Charlotte Ware

Written by Charlotte Ware

I love my work and feel hugely privileged to get to experience so many lovely moments with my clients. After working in various roles within the beauty, banking and teaching sectors, the mix of skills has allowed me to pursue a dream of mine...Charlotte Ware Designs. Let's see how it goes!

Out of work I have two little munchkins to keep me busy and sneak in opportunities for Prosecco whenever possible.

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