Popular Hair Trends For 2018…Going Strong!

It’s nearly April! I can’t quite believe it, and I am MEGA happy about it. I know everyone always wants time to slow down, and I am aware that we should all savour our precious moments mmmmmhmmmm but it’s been SO chilly cold! However, we have been kept warm in the beautiful studio at Charlotte Ware Designs HQ by getting through a glorious amount of bridal trials. And also by having the heating up way too high….gona feel that in the electricity bill.

So on reflection, I though I would share the popular bridal hair style requests myself and my scrummy team have been seeing here in our little Kent bubble in the first few months of 2018.

Casual Plait Styles

Plaits are still ranking high on this list, but it is nice that they seem to be very textured and relaxed, rather than scary face lift tight. Whether they be in a half up style or as part of a more intricate up-do. We have also noticed that symmetry with plaits doesn’t seem to be as popular and I love this. I have always preferred ‘pretty placement’ over regimented ‘matchy matchy’.

The Classic Rope Twist

If plaits is something you love but you find your hair is a little too thin, rope twists are always a good alternative. If you don’t think a plait is the right thing for your hair, have a search on Pinterest for some inspiration. The classic rope twist hairdo is a bold and beautiful option, where two sections of hair are wrapped together in alternating directions to form a ponytail that can be hung loose on its own or folded up into buns.

Leading the Pack…

Number one has been the chignon!! Good luck saying that right, it took me three goes to spell it correctly. Which for anyone who is interested, is just a fancy frilly word for a roll or knot at the back of the head, traditionally very neat and low. But we are happy to see this springing up, and if you feel a neat version may be a little prim and proper for your free spirit, having texture added to the hair whilst it is down and adding some flowers or a romantic veil is a great way to make it your own. This works amazingly well with flower crowns, horseshoes or vines. We are BIG fans of the stunning creations of Sophia and Luna, well worth a peek.

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