It’s that time for our £10 Treat or trash?

It’s that time again for our £10 treat or trash, this month we tested the silicone eye shadow stamps.

These are meant for you to be able to create a cut crease or place eye shadow onto your lid without using a brush. What a revolution I thought! As much as I think this is a great idea, I tested it for both eye shadow and a cut crease. Using as an eye shadow I found that you have to scrape the eye shadow out of the pan and waste a lot of the product. I used a Mac pigment and a lot of it ended up on my face. The stamp is very large so what was meant to be on my eyelid ended up a lot higher and didn’t look quite right. I managed to blend it out to make it look less harsh and it then looked okay. I don’t think this product is necessary when you could buy the brush which would work better and easier.

I then tested it for a cut crease and added a layer of concealer onto the stamp and then placed it on my eyelid, when I took the stamp away, the concealer was extremely patchy and didn’t go on evenly, it was too high up and the stamp was quite wide for my eyes.

Overall I think the idea of this product is great, however, it doesn’t work well enough to treat myself to it and is not versatile, especially for different eye shapes. I think you are better off buying a few eye shadow brushes as they can cost the same price and be more effective. Therefore this product is “trash”.

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Written by Cara

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