Pretty in Plaits – A Basic How-to

As long as I can remember, I have been able to plait my hair. I think it was a necessary skill that I picked up after my Mother cut off my hair as a result of being one of 4 daughters, and therefore having no time for pretty hair before the school run. This bowl hair cut of my youth clearly traumatised me into learning to style my hair so that I could grow it back and not look like a scarecrow.

Now I have a daughter of my own and it completely passed me by that I know how to style her hair in lots of different cute plaited styles. So once my studio space was up and running, I was surprised at the amount of requests I had from parents wanting to learn the basics….so along with offering child-friendly sessions where parents can bring their little models along, I have made a short series of basic ‘How To‘ videos.

The Basic Three Strand Plait

You have to start here. If you’re previous experience only consists of the ponytail, this shows you the most basic plait. You need to have this mastered to move onto ‘The French’ how to. Another good thing to try is to plait the opposite way. So if you naturally pass the strands over, try passing them under. Later on, passing hair under turns into a dutch braid.

The French Plait

Try to relax….and keep in mind this is just like the basic plait. Once you have yourself started, you simply add hair every time you have crossed a strand over. If you have trouble with this. Keep the same idea, but pass hair under to the middle every time, this is then called a Dutch Braid. This all makes much more sense if you watch the video ha!

The Infinity Braid Plait

This is one that isn’t as tricky as it sounds or looks and will be much adored in the playground. Remember it’s OK for it to take a few tries, do not worry about how neat it looks while you get the hang if it.

The Fishtail Plait

The pinnacle for all school girls. This one is fiddly, there is no getting around it, but stick with it. Go slow and it does get easier the further down the plait you get.

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Charlotte Ware

Written by Charlotte Ware

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